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Cat® 308E Mini Hydraulic Excavator For Rent? Call Us Now! (281) 343-3688

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Caterpillar® 308E Excavator For Rent, Call Us Now! (281) 343-3688

The Cat® 308E Mini Hydraulic Excavator delivers superior performance and comfort while reducing your fuel consumption and operating costs. The large spacious cab provides a comfortable work area. Intuitive seat-mounted controls are easy to use for greater job accuracy and efficiency. The standard tail swing design incorporates a counterweight that extends
further back on the machine. This provides leverage to create a stable work platform during lifting and digging. The 308E sets the standard for conventional tail swing excavators in the eight-ton size class.

Lift Capacity
The new Cat® E Series has industry-leading lift capacity matched with outstanding stability. This provides the control required to meet the diverse and continually changing needs of the customer.

Long Stick Option
An optional long stick is available for the 308E for greater reach in ditch clearing, truck loading and other applications.

(source: www.cat.com)

Frequently Asked Questions

Engine Model Cat C3.3B

Operating Weight with Cab? 18,371 lb

Net Power? 65.0 hp (48 kw)

Bore 3.7 in

Displacement 203.2 in

Gross Power – ISO 14396 66.6 HP

Rated Net Power – 2,400 rpm – ISO 9249/EEC 80/1269 65.0 HP

Swing Speed? 10 rpm

Max Travel Speed? 3.3 mph (5kph)


  • Width 91.3 in
  • Height 17.7 in
  • Dig Depth 14.2 in
  • Lift Height 15.0 in

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