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Rent our highly productive Vermeer BC 1000XL by the day, week, or month. Call us for rental rates today.

Vermeer Wood Chipper

Wood & Brush Chipper For Rent

12 Inch Wood Chipper

A wood chipper is a powerful tool for contractors. It can make quick work of tree limbs, twigs, and branches to turn them into mulch that is useable in your garden beds. Here are some ways your wood chipper can benefit you during your next landscaping job.

A wood chipper can cut your job time dramatically by taking care of a majority of the work for you. Using this powerful tool allows you to spend less time cutting branches and more time planting shrubs and flowers.

This is a good thing since landscaping is labor intensive and time-consuming work and this tool will help you make things go much faster. This means that you’ll have to purchase fewer tools or pay less for your landscaping job overall.

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Vermeer BC1000XL For Rent

Reserve This 2020 Vermeer BC 1000XL Brush Chipper

Vermeer BC1000XL 12″ Capacity Gas Brush Chipper This Wood Chipper Equipment is Perfect for Landscapers & Tree Care Contractors.

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